Tuesday, March 15, 2011

When Learners' Eyes Are Smiling...

Just a little (relevant) holiday fun...
When Learners' Eyes Are Smiling

There's a tear in your eye,
and I'm wondering why,
for it never should be there at all.
I've been talking a while,
and it's not that worthwhile;
All progress has come to a stall.

When learners’ eyes are glassy,
like morning dew,
and in fact one or two are asleep.
Engaged learning is clearer,
take a look in the mirror;
Close your eyes and take the leap.

When learners’ eyes are smiling;
you can bet they are engaged.
When all you do is talk and talk,
by boredom you will be upstaged,
When learners hearts are happy,
in the space in which they learn,
The value that they gain while there
is the only true 'return'

These rules are a part,
be it screen or flip chart;
Even e-learning follows these rules.
If I just have to read,
and intake what you feed.
I’ll miss all of the learning jewels.

For to get me to care
I must first be aware
That there’s something I should care about.
And then get me involved
and I should be evolved;
In performance without a doubt.

When learners’ eyes are smiling
‘Tis them who are in control.
If you need a place to start this
Look at who decides to enroll
When learners’ hearts are happy,
All of learning’s a social affair.
And when learners’ eyes are smiling
What they learn they want to share!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

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  1. For the record:

    This post was inspired by the popularity of my holiday themed “Twas the night before Social Media” post from a few months back. I thought about doing another holiday-themed posting around Valentine’s day, and surprisingly, could not find a ubiquitous Valentine’s song to use as source material. So, St. Pats was next, and as a (50%) Irishman myself, I figured I’d give it a whirl.

    Balancing the message with the need to be respectful of the source material was a challenge. Specifically I found it hard to follow the pattern of non-rhyming lines. It was fun though, and as with most things, the more challenging it became the more rewarding it was to see through.