Monday, February 6, 2012

Misadventures in Learning has Moved!

Bookmark my new site:

Misadventures in Learning is moving! I've enjoyed the experience of launching this blog and very much appreciate the feedback people that have read it have provided.  There are additional things I would like to do going forward that are somewhat limited in Blogger, so I've migrated to a new WordPress site at http//

The new site is going to be more personally branded, will feature the curated backchannel posts more prominently, and will serve as a primary contact point for some independent work I am involved in.  I am looking forward to taking advantage of some of the new sites advanced features to share different types of content on the site.  It's an exciting transition, and I hope you come along for the journey.

This is the last posting I will be making to this site.  The site will remain active for the foreseeable future, so any favorited links will still work.  I have migrated all of my posts to the new site, so anything I have posted here will also appear there.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to read what I post here, and for providing feedback that helps me understand what contributions people in our industry find most valuable.  I am looking forward to the next chapter, and hope to see you on the other side.