Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why "Misadventures in Learning"?

Another delay in me creating a blog was struggling with what to title it. Most of the really good blogs that I have read have some sort of title that answers the question, why does this blog exist?

That begs the question "What would I blog about?". Now there aren't any rules that I'm aware of that restrict what I can or can not post a blog entry about, but I did want it to have some sort of cohesive theme. In thinking about what I would probably right most about, it would be my passion, Learning.

When it comes to learning, I've always felt that our greatest learning moments often come not from our successes, but from our failures. In that regard, I have A LOT that I can share; hence the title of the blog, Misadventures in Learning.

I imagine that most of my posts will be sharing my experiences and perspectives in the Learning and Development field, as well as sharing many of the resources I find and use that cause people to often ask "how do you find out these things?"

Of course like learning, I expect this blog to be more about the journey than the destination. If you are reading this, thanks for coming along for part of the ride.

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